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A totally free Story – Telephones
Want a totally free story? This can be something I wrote and with the book Penguin authored in 2008 entitled When Growing up. The ebook is an accumulation of biographical stories by Penguin writers, with all story sucked from the author’s youth. Here’s my own. It’s a piece of sad, but just that’s getting back to because it’s addionally freeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I think was eight year old, I got for ourselves a accommodate for for the first time. It the run-down, old Victorian terrace that’s been full of an dust, and it may wasn’t likely to be our place for too long, but it has become still a home – a genuine house. I used to be thrilled.

We were able to live sir because my brother ran the achieving site nearby and their own boss said i could use the home until they have to knock up. We been with them for each year. Calendar year. The alone arctic expedition canada goose is, we couldn’t enter the tiny, concrete algae are because gifts sometimes fell on the building site across the street. Things akin to bricks and it is nails. That appeared okay for example us as it can meant to give you live in a home and we’re finally leave the houses.

That’s how and where we’d already been living for just six generations – held in a block and if Housing Fee flats. Like admission who hails from public homes, we couldn’t afford an average place. So i was forced to live about the flats. And it’s lucky that people did. I’m unsure where i would have already been otherwise. I am sorry think of all the six most of us living on the road. I’m absoluetly certain my mothers and fathers would’ve dreamed of something compared to that. And it was good he didn’t adding.

Anyway, the apartments were newly made and and they gave north american shelter and will protection for a long period. And and also the rent is cheap, i was enough money in order to survive. But, generally, I acquired them feared.

In a full mornings, but before breakfast, sometimes I got to walk out and about to afford milk and many more bread. That geared walking past several older boys that would jeer and also at me. I used to be too little consider these what these were saying, but I possibly could tell if they have mean. I’d a little rush past as fast as I will definitely. And I had been always relieved and have into the flats from your bread and will milk during my bag, and how change under my jacket pocket.

We continue to had to stay away from or your family who occupied number 8. There were four for new – for all of us – and that they were tough. If and they spotted you working for yourself, there’d continually be trouble.

So as the flats had a fantastic somewhat, I was able to be transitioning. Especially of a proper accommodate.

Then, whenever we moved about the, I got some a frighten.

I’m unsure how inches it’d talked since anyone occupied our garage, but it was ages. That’s the only method to explain a conventional thick coat of debris that dressed everything – the actual floors. As a number of us cleared rubbish away each room and also got the your house ready to go up, clouds along the lines of dust swirled in the air like smoke at the chimney. We’ve got covered inside it. And down the road, when I awakened the very first time in a healthful house, I couldn’t open me. My eyelids may have been glued closed by hepa.

Afraid get this I’d absent blind, I stumbled during my new bedroom desiring the doorway. In i panic Once again . enough noise appeal to my mom. When he or she found i am, she aimed me in the direction of bathroom. I ever heard her come to life the punch. Then I was her rub hot water onto all my eyelids. For a long period after additionally that, I confined rubbing water in my eyes, and after a few years the dust-glue grown soft enough that i can pull going around the covers of this left iris. As and they peeled apart I saw again!

But no few warm liquid softened a great dust-glue ahead my fix eye. It may stayed consistently shut.

Finding out through a maximum of my dumped eye, I hope ate breakfast every day, pulled to my clothes making the mini walk in my sister which is brothers to the brand latest school. It is now tough starting at the new education, but it’s accessory difficult when your eyes becomes glued lock – you appear pretty strange.

Luckily, no teachers or a kids ridiculed me – none. And an hour or two into right before, after friction it all of the time, my best suited eye abruptly unclagged by itself. I can easily see through each eyes once again.

It the rocky beginning to our a clean life, but I used to be still really enthusiastic about it.

A day or two later, my all over the country family – each and every six individuals – began a Day out morning maneuver. We had to explore our neighbourhood by walking.

As all of us wandered either through different blocks for for the first time, I detected a light red telephony box to come. I cherished telephone cubicles. They were really like cupboards with a lot of windows about them. There have been just room for a single person – could be two if you don’t squeezed near tight. But mostly either one. So i then saw it’s not telephone pack, I ran at least it, pulled open the large door and it is stepped rise in.

As entry closed at the back of me, I reached for ones receiver. I held it up on my all hearing and turned to dialling amount. I pretended like making a telephone call. Until a gift caught my attention.

Sitting belonging to the bench near the phone were a couple of things: a compressed newspaper and also a small, cream colored box constructed of plastic and maintaining metal. The chest had a pair of dials additionally a plastic window with a lot of numbers showing beneath. I wasn’t accurately sure the actual box is, but I figured it is also a stereo. I estimated this because my brother had a certain radio of a special. I’d absolutely not really had a closer inspection at the website because a person weren’t able to touch it really, but I used to be sure it was dials additionally a window against the numbers beneath too. But if it was a wireless or absolutely not, it appeared important and that i fancied a switch. So ‘ picked up, shoved open cell phone booth side and rushed back into my friend, leaving a full folded journal behind.

Mothers and fathers told me it absolutely was a radio which someone must accidentally walked out it to the booth. They expressed the classifieds was folded for you to see the racing page. They thought information about the radio absolutely need used cell phone to position a bet all the time horse, then unintentionally left telephones and this would newspaper associated with.

They additionally thought information about the stereo would chase look this. So, for all of continuing us walk, Mothers and fathers decided let’s wait for a owner back again. And that’s the arctic expedition canada goose they did. We hung from the phone sales space waiting.

And it waiting…

And it waiting…

But none came.

So Mothers and fathers decided shall we go structure. And and also I’d found telephones, I gotta carry it provides.

That date, Dad and that i took telephones to law enforcement station which we wanted to leave it if the administrator came after it. Right now, I could not like this concept at as much. I wanted to grasp the radio.

That’s simply because, I’d heeded it just about all afternoon. And that i couldn’t think what I’d ever heard.

When we’ve got back from your walk, I’d gone for that backyard to experiment with the walkie talkie. I is allowed available on the market because it absolutely was a Saturday, so there has been no building happening next doorway. And I need to hear the radio peaceful – from the fighting and will arguing at home.

When ‘ turned telephones on, to accommodate my wonder, it figured. And arctic expedition canada goose i heard have been incredible.

People had been nice to one another.

I held listening, trying a mixture of stations, hearing a mixture of voices. It has been unbelievable. Voice after a few voice was equally. People acted friendly, encouraged, funny, happy, happy. In a row the added.

Who were if they? They acted unrecognisable for me. They are not part of life. Sure, I’d done people appearing nice to one another, but less than often. And most never i believe family. We weren’t like this. We didn’t rely on being a good. Nice felt for bad people. I was strong. Fair was against dishonest, false people. We advised it as it was. Quarrelling, bullying, hitting, slapping, itchiness, biting and each pulling blow were heartfelt and at base. Well, that’s the way you saw after that it.

‘If do you think it’s deficient here, Fred, ’ believed Mum in many cases. ‘Wait before you see about exactly what it’s like in real life. ’

I knew reality was harmful. I’d completed it in direction of getting breads and milk dozens of. I’d often stay away from it in time. I understood my ma was fitting. But that which was this I had been hearing from a radio?

Wasn’t it reality too?

I hope listened just about all afternoon. I loved how the people about to radio spoke to one another. I agreed to speak in the same way. I dreamt of spoken to love that. I had to find out more. However we were about the police station additionally a policeman turned into dropping this radio the plastic cup of tea.

I’d already been hoping he’d let me grasp the radio. Someone lets have a brand new house, so perhaps they’d help me have a wireless. But and they didn’t. The manufacturers pu.

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Delay, 2013 has ended already?? It’s recently been hard maintain with every replica canada goose toronto outlet online so Post thought We would offer any recap a number of the main happenings/hot matters for 2013. Comments tend to be open because of this post.

I’ve recently been really hectic with our day career working remarkably long a long time, therefore haven’t had some time to maintain the website updated normally as essential, so an enormous thank to regular website visitors for dangling in now there. New readership numbers are also very healthy this holiday season, although plenty of them are most often looking with regard to nude photos…*ahem* and there were an oddly large sum of seek requests with regard to Natasha Duncan. I do have got a backlog connected with uploads to manage this 12 months. Once it’s almost all online, I hope to market off our collection to get back several shelf breathing space – lookbooks, Method Magazines, copies in the W Mag Dimension Issue, Vogue Italia in addition to Elle Portugal Special Rondes issues…I’ll twitter links every time they go dwell via @curvesmart.

…. and that’s not necessarily counting the many otherpagesgiventolargermodelspublishedbyElle i always was capable to locate on-line! (click every linked word for any different editorial).

Industry observers were being surprised once the Ford + practices in Ny and Toronto shut down doors within June even though offices within LA, Miami in addition to Chicago continued to be open. Before long afterwards, Gary Dakin in addition to Jaclyn Sarcka released JAG Models and also the question of the location where the Ford versions would visit was mainly answered…a large amount of the mother board travelled along, while some attended Wilhelmina in addition to Muse, for example top girlfriend Candice Huffine. Tara Lynn experienced already kept Ford prior to the closure, while some remained clearly missing doing his thing.

Ivan Bart, that managing overseer and mature vice leader of IMG Versions, announced that he or she is planning to be able to up that agency’s range factor through scouting models off shapes, sizing’s, ages, backrounds and height and developing the skills. Bart advised Cosmopolitan publication, “We strive to be an everlasting, raceless, weightless organization. ”**

Unsurprising then which IMG Versions, which represents a number of the highest earners within modelling (Kate Moss, Gisele Bunchen, hellooooo) listed Tara Lynn – after that when Ford+ shut down also attracted Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Inga Eiriksdottir, Danielle Redman in addition to Julie Henderson. Whether these kinds of signings indicate an entire division can be forming is actually TBA, but you will discover early indications the fact that IMG network will assist the females expand directly into untapped market segments. Whispers are the fact that new Sydney office is often a target intriguing, especially as you have the perception that there’s a lot connected with quality editorial available there, as a consequence of Robyn Lawley’s storage devices profile. Keep an eye out Australianagencies, that big firearms are on its way. Speaking connected with Robyn…

After a further year connected with *It Girl* status and much more first-of perform to backside replica canada goose toronto outlet online ” up “, Robyn Lawley released both any cookbook 2 year contract with writers Random House plus a cooking present on Foreign cable system Foxtel; in addition to a bralilian bikinis collaboration by using Australian organization Bond-Eye. The gathering subsequently showcased in editorials within Australian Style (her second) in addition to Cosmopolitan publication (too several now to be able to count), within its release and gathered further storage devices spotlight when replica canada goose toronto outlet online absolutely was thought which Beyonce wore on the list of suits within her “No Angel” video playback (never confirmed). Lawley appeared to be also that featured subject of your exhibition through photographer His brother Willardt in Ny, wrote several op-ed items and appeared to the Ellen discuss show dealing with the upper leg gap phenom, in addition to scored your girlfriend first splendor campaign by using department retailer Barneys.

Although In a health club know connected with test attempts to receive larger girls in to the magazine, the idea wasn’t right until 2013 which Playboy last but not least featured tastefully topless larger models*, even though as handmaidens to be able to actor Peter Dinklage through Game connected with Thrones. Absolutely no, I haven’t overlooked Anna Nicole is at there*.

Patty Huntington connected with [frockwriter] documented that Melbourne shop agency Maverick authorized an Foreign size twelve named Ali Cromarty with their main board with all the intention connected with marketing your girlfriend as content, rather compared to plus dimension. I truly hope them to manage to be able to shift several attitudes in addition to create fresh opportunities with regard to larger versions via its representation connected with Ali. She’s any cool wanting girl.

I acknowledge to locating the constant storage devices chatter for this topic very tiring. Whether or even not the word is utilised inside or outside the style industry is actually hardly any worthy issue from the realm connected with body graphic and dimension acceptance, or even the storage devices generally. Just due to the fact some versions have a difficult time with being regarded as ‘fat’ or even not ‘big enough’ doesn’t signify they aren’t performing well. Lure in members people which think what they demand to consider, and online gives these folks a venue to make sure others its opinion. Their deficit of information shows all the time they state “but she’s not necessarily plus size”, or even “if that’s in addition size, just what am Post? ” These folks clearly don’t recognize that plus size seriously isn’t one dimension, or one particular body design or ratio or pounds or peak, but a variety of permutations thereof. Plus size differs for literally everyone. The more those who manage to be able to wrap its brains all-around that plan and prevent thinking which plus dimension should look a specific way regarding it to end up being ‘correct’, better off we’ll all end up being.

Controversy nonetheless again since larger size models tend to be shown eating refined food in two in the the key editorials in the year – Junk food Vaggio within CR Style Book, in addition to Elle France’s Fondez p Plaisir. Can most people please have a writing without incorporating in candy, cakes in addition to mystery meats next moment?

So – just what were that extra-ordinary elements that found your eye this holiday season? What own I not noted? Again – responses are open for this post!

Labeled as: Evaluation.

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DO IT YOURSELF Princess Castle Bed – Part 1
Have you ever seen the Princess Castle Beds made by Sweet Dream Bed? If you have a little girl, they would LOVE them. I was completely taken in by the beauty of each bed, and my daughter is very into all cheap canada goose solaris parka dame princess right now and cheap canada goose solaris parka dame would be perfect for her… until I saw the price tag. The bare minimum for one of these beds is $5, 000! And that’s without most of what’s pictured in the one I’ve shown here. The stone paint job is extra, as is the slide and the staircase; like thousands extra. I saw one bed on the site worth $40, 000! Wow! I mean, don’t get me wrong, they are probably worth the price due to workmanship and the time that goes into them, but yikes! I could never afford that.

I recently discovered ikeahackers. net, a blog where people submit ideas to do cheap canada goose solaris parka dame to Ikea furniture to make them more customized or practical. Ikea has a ton of cheap furniture, and the majority of it is modern, or in my opinion, boring. But it’s cheap. So I’ve browsed on there before and found some awesome ideas, one in particular that I KNEW I would be putting my own spin on. A woman had taken Ikea’s “Kura” bed, and turned it into a castle bed. This was so creative to me! I thought I could maybe handle doing something like this and making it more like the Sweet Dream Bed I had pictured in my head.

I jumped into the research stage head first! I knew I wanted something with towers and enough storage space so that the amount of floor space it was going to take up wouldn’t be useless. I decided the Kura bed and the Trofast storage systems at Ikea were my best bet. After drawing up a sketch and showing it to my husband, he said my plans were doable and we headed to Ikea. Can I just take a moment to say I LOVE Ikea? I mean, I really love it. The place is huge, and definitely asks for a day trip since our closest one is 2 hours away, but don’t be surprised if you see some more Ikea “hacks” in this blogs future!

At Ikea, I took some measurements of the bed and decided to get three different Trofast systems. Two tall single column ones for the castle’s towers and then one that has three columns of storage that I could use for stairs. All of that was enough storage for most of Miss Bean’s toys and for her clothes… Yes, my kid is about to turn four and doesn’t have a dresser. When she was teeny tiny, I hung all her clothes and now they just chill in a laundry basket in my room. Don’t judge!

In the picture above you can see the Kura bed behind what will be the two towers. We’re already using the totes for storage and I have to say I love it already just for that! There’s plenty of room below the bed that I stuck her mattress from her toddler bed down there just in case the transition from baby bed to big girl bed didn’t go smoothly, it did though so I’ll be finding somewhere to put that too now.

Let me just remind all involved that you have to assemble Ikea furniture yourself. It’s not really difficult or anything, just occasionally a pain. It includes everything you need, except maybe a screwdriver. Honestly, I put everything together on my own, so it really is a one person job, but I would recommend having someone else home so you can occasionally scream obscenities at them when you get frustrated.

My next post, DIY Princess Castle Bed – Part 2, will be dealing with most of the woodwork necessary to making this an AWESOME princess castle bed!

As a kid did you ever have a special or “cool” bed? Tell me about them!

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Férias coletivas
Nessa época do ano, é comum as empresas concederem férias a todos os empregados ou para determinados setores.

As férias coletivas têm assento na lei e podem ser concedidas, inclusive, àqueles trabalhadores com menos canada goose mystique parka tan um ano canada goose mystique parka tan serviço na empresa.

Tratando-se canada goose mystique parka tan férias individuais, sabe-se que o trabalhador deve completar o período aquisitivo de um ano para, no ano subsequente, usufruir dos 30 dias de férias (se não tiver faltado mais de cinco dias).

Porém, no caso das férias coletivas, os empregados contratados há menos de 12 meses gozarão de férias proporcionais ao tempo trabalhado.

Por exemplo, se o empregado foi admitido em 20. 10. 2012 e, a partir de 20. 12. 2012 ganha férias coletivas de dez dias corridos, os dois meses trabalhados renderiam férias meramente proporcionais de cinco dias. Nesse particular, entende o Prof. Valentin Carrion ser permitida a convocação do empregado para executar trabalhos na empresa nos demais dias, mas, do contrário, considera como licença remunerada os cinco dias excedentes, reputando ilegal qualquer devolução, pelo empregado, do valor recebido (Comentários à CLT, 2011, 36ª ed., Saraiva, p. 189).

Portanto, ao retornarem do período de férias coletivas, os empregados com menos de 12 meses de emprego iniciam novo período aquisitivo, ou seja, recomeça a contagem de tempo para aquisição do direito às férias.

O descanso anual coletivo pode ser concedido em dois períodos do ano, desde que nenhum deles seja inferior a 10 dias corridos.

Para as empresas que desejarem adotar o procedimento de férias coletivas, a CLT impõe algumas formalidades: comunicar o órgão local do Ministério do Trabalho, com antecedência mínima de 15 dias, a respeito das datas de início e fim das férias, precisando os estabelecimentos ou setores abrangidos pela medida; no mesmo prazo, enviar cópia dessa comunicação ao sindicato da categoria profissional, afixando avisos nos locais de trabalho (art. 139, §§ 2º e 3º da CLT).

*Artigo elaborado pelo advogado Ariel Stopassola (OAB/RS 65. 982), sócio do escritório Stopassola Advocacia.

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Sen. David Lucas
Leaders in the public sector have plenty of public resources to promote their political views, accomplishments and experience. Often the public record holds much more: personal and campaign finance disclosures, expense reports, and business, tax and court filings. Here’s what canada goose junior unisex chilliwack bomber outlet show:

David Eugene Lucas Sr. (D-Macon)

District 26 (Bibb, Hancock, Houston, Jones, Twiggs, Washington& Wilkinson counties)

Lucas has kept much of his campaign spending off the radar over the years, moreso perhaps than any other Georgia legislator. Lucas’ campaign disclosures from 1998 through 2010 reported more than $78, 000 — nearly half of all his spending — in individual purchases of $100 or less that canada goose junior unisex chilliwack bomber outlet was not required to itemize. Curiously, Lucas’s quarterly and six-month disclosures often reported that unitemized spending in nice, round numbers — $1, 000, $2, 600, $1, 700, $3, 500. His itemized spending rarely added up so tidily.

Lucas also has not filed a disclosure of his personal finances for the last three years, a fact that he disputes. “That is absolutely untrue, ” he said. “I don’t know what the problem is. I filed it, and canada goose junior unisex chilliwack bomber outlet got it. ” State law requires such disclosures be submitted using an online form, but Lucas filed at least one of those missing disclosures by mailing in a paper copy of the form. Records show he was notified by email in 2012 that his paper filing did not comply with the law. Lucas has racked up $1, 250 in unpaid late fees for those and other delinquent filings.

Lucas has kept some of his private business interests off the radar. His most recent disclosure of personal finances for 2010 omitted ownership of his business, TBL Inc., as well as one operated by his wife. Moreover, none of his disclosures since 1998 have mentioned his role as an officer in the non-profit Bowden Men’s Golf Association, which has received payments from his campaign and from at least two political action committees that employ lobbyists at the Capitol.

NewTown Macon Inc., a non-profit promoting development in downtown Macon, paid Lucas and his company $24, 350 in 2010 to campaign for passage of a 1 percent local option sales tax. It failed. He has declined to say how much he made, but a lobbyist expense report filed by NewTown’s CEO, C. Michael Ford, shows the non-profit paid $14, 350 to Lucas and $10, 000 more to TBL Inc.

NewTown also played a role in a small land transaction that appeared to net Lucas a $3, 400 profit in 2008. Property records show Ocmulgee Heritage Trail LLC, an affiliate of NewTown, transferred a vacant lot to Lucas for $100 in 2007. He sold the property a year later to the Macon-Bibb County Economic Opportunity Council for $3, 500.

Political career

Senate committee assignments

House committee assignments


Business ownership interests

Fiduciary positions

Real estate holdings

Friends & family

Campaign contributions

Lucas has reported receiving more than $263, 000 since 1998, broken down by election cycle:

In addition, two political action committees reported payments to corporations associated with Lucas on their campaign contribution disclosures. The Macon-based Georgia Industrial Loan Association paid $2, 500 to the Bowden Men’s Golf Association from 1999 to 2003 and $3, 250 to TBL from 2001-04. Lucas said the payments were sponsorships for a charity golf tournament and a rhythm and blues festival, respectively. A second PAC, Community Loans of America, paid $1, 500 to TBL in 2010.

Top donors (1997-present)

*The Georgia Industrial Loan Association has also disclosed $5, 750 in payments to two organizations affiliated with Lucas, the Bowden Men’s Golf Association and TBL Inc.

Campaign spending

Lucas’ campaign disclosures from 1998 through 2010 reported more than $78, 000 — nearly half of all its spending — in individual purchases of $100 or less that he did not itemize. (He is not required to. ) Curiously, Lucas’s quarterly and six-month disclosures often reported his total unitemized spending in nice, round numbers — $1, 000, $2, 600, $1, 700, $3, 500. His itemized spending rarely added up so tidily.

Campaign committees may.

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Manual: Basics of Teamspeak 3 Server installation on Windows
In this Tutorial I will explain you the basics, how to install and set up a Teamspeak 3 Server on Windows.

Some Images are from a German Version but the Text on the Images aren´t much different to English and anyway I will explain each Steps via Text. So you wont have much Trouble to understand.

First we will need to download the TS 3 Server Software here. Be sure that you download the Server and not the Client Tool. Be also sure that you choose the right Version for your OS.

When the Download is finished you can unpack the File to any Place you want cheap canada goose victoria bc to be.

When done.. just start the Tool with “ts3server_win64. exe”.

We will now see a new Window pop up:

Dont close this Window as cheap canada goose victoria bc simply tells us that the Server is started.

What we do next is starting our Teamspeak Client Tool and go to “Connections” and then “Connect” (Strg + S):

After we did that.. we get the Connection Window:

As Adress we should fill in our Locale IP Adress. If you are not sure how to find out your IP Adress. I do explain cheap canada goose victoria bc in short…

In Windows click on start and in the Search Box type in “cmd”. This will open the Command Prompt. And there you need to type in “ipconfig” which then will list your IP Adress and different other Data.

Back to our TS 3 Client…

We can put it in the Adress Section of our TS 3 Connection Window now as I said. Then we need to type in the TS 3 Standard Port which is “9987”.

Indeed you can choose your Nickname to whatever you like it to be. We let the Server Password empty for now.

At least just click “Connect”.

We should be on our own Teamspeak 3 Server now. But we still must give our self Adminrights.

In our TS3 Server Client we click on “Rights” and then on “Use Token”.

In the following Window then, we must enter a “Key”.. a so-called “Token”.

This Token was generated first when we started the Server. So we will find this Key in our TS 3 Server Folder and there in a Folder called “Logs”. We open the File in this Folder with a Texteditor and then we search for the Entry “ServerAdmin token created, please use the line below”. Because under this Line we will find the Key we need.

Back to the Teamspeak 3 Client we enter this Key in the Window now.

Once done, we just hit “OK” and if we now go back to the Channelview we see on the right Side of our Name the Symbol or Letter “S” which tells us that we own Serverrights now.

We can now organize the Server, set up Channels and what ever we like.

This was about the basic installation of a Teamspeak 3 Server on Windows. Excuse me for the Images with German Language. This Tutorial was first written for one of my German Web Projects. But I guess there was not much different Text in the Images and my Explanation maybe helped so that you didn´t have much Problems to follow these Steps. At least I hope.

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Bicicleta make los Altos de Chiapas
La aventura ahora nos lleva a Los Altos de Chiapas, poseedor de una riqueza natural y cultural. La exploración comienza en el maravilloso Pueblo Mágico de San Cristóbal de las Casas; desde donde se puede accesar a diversos destinos de Aventura y una de las mejores formas para conocer la región parka canada goose shop on sale en bicicleta. Acompañanos a disfrutras un poco más de esta actividad.

El ciclismo de montaña parka canada goose shop on sale un recorrido a campo traviesa utilizado como medio de transporte una bicicleta para todo terreno. La actividad se desarrolla sobre caminos de terracería, brechas y veredas angostas con grados diversos de dificultad, técnica y esfuerzo físico.

Una de las rutas más atractivas parka canada goose shop on sale la que nos lleva hacia la Quinta de los Obispos, la cual fue residencia de descanso de los obispos de Chiapas. Aquí se pueden admirar los vestigios de la Casa Grande y la Capilla de Nuestra señora de El Carmen Arcotete, se puede accesar a través de un camino de terracería al Parque Ecoturístico Arcotete, en donde destaca el arco natural de piedra que ha labrado por cientos de años el río Fogótico y que además cuenta con servicios y otras actividades adicionales de Turismo de Aventura.

Otra ruta por demás atractiva es aquella que partiendo desde San Cristóbal de las Casas hacía el oeste, por la carretera vieja vía San Felipe Ecatepec, podremos obtener magníficos escenarios de los bosques de pino-encino que caracterizan a la región, además de observar la montaña Huitepec. La experiencia es completadaal visitar las comunidades tsotsiles de Zinacantán y San Juan Chamula, donde la riqueza etnográfica de los pueblos descendientes de la cultura maya realmente te sorprenderá.

Finalmente una de las rutas clásicas de ciclismo es la que nos lleva al Parque Ecoturistico “Grutas de Rancho Nuevo”, uno de los sitios naturales emblemáticos localizado a 3km de San Cristóbal de las Casas, sobre la carretera Panamericana que parte rumbo a Comitán de Domínguez.

Tags: Ciclismo Chiapas, Ciclismo de Aventura, Turismo de Aventura, Turismo de Montaña.

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Larry Pickering who stolen $15million in a betting software scam claims to be investigating Julia Gillard for the AWU fraud scam.
Larry Pickering is well-known for being a fraudster, scam artist and con man who’s latest scam cost people an estimated $15 million. Pickering refuses to answer questions on the matter except for a basic denial. This is the guy who claims he is investigating Julia Gillard in the AWU fraud scam from the 1990’s.

The reality is that Larry Pickering is working his next scam and a lot of suckers are being drawn in and even a few in the media. The real danger here is that the only small canada goose jacket outlet online going for Julia Gillard is Larry Pickering. It gives Julia Gillard an easy way out of the mess as she can just refer to the lies and sleaze, Gillard being pregnant and having an abortion and being a lesbian, in Pickering’s reporting and his own dodgy background in running scams.

I flagged this 4 weeks ago in a post and also said that Pickering was full of lies and that I would be doing another post on him (Click here to read the post) The sleaze factor in Pickering’s reporting will turn a lot of people off and his lies blur everything. This is already happening, on Friday a main stream reporter with News Ltd, Peter van Onselen, referred to Pickering as a reason of why he will not report on the Gillard AWU fraud. (Click here to read)

Over the last couple of months Mr Pickering has been doing posts on his Facebook page and his website and another he set up about a month ago. A lot of the content of the posts are sleazy sexual innuendo and have no relevance to the AWU fraud and the posts are full of lies. In an interview on 3aw with Derryn Hinch in the last few days Mr Pickering admitted he was using a creative license in the posts and “adding color” as he said. So where the lies stop and truth begins no one knows. But below we will have a look at some of the lies.

A couple of months ago he claimed he was threatened with banning from Facebook in relation to a post he did on Julia Gillard and the AWU, for which he blames Gillard and he claims his new website has come under attack, which at the time of writing this is currently down.

There are a number of problems with Mr Pickering’s claims. Firstly, why have no other sites been attacked or threatened? This website and others have been reporting on Julia Gillard and the AWU fraud since last year and have never had a problem. (Click here to read the posts) If he was threatened by Facebook in relation to a story he did on Julia Gillard and the AWU why has he been able to publish numerous other stories on Facebook on the same topic which are a lot more disgusting than the first one?

In one post Pickering says this “The mainstream Press won’t touch this for fear of Gillard’s retribution. She has made that open and clear. I have been warned not to persist with this story. I told them to get f*****d so I fully expect to get bashed myself now, but little do the union hoods know who I know. Good luck boys! Do you want my address? ”

It sounds like a b-grade movie script and why has no one else been threatened, just Mr Pickering? The banning and threats and attacks on his sites have been going viral on Twitter, Facebook, online forums and email which makes a lot of good free advertising which helps explain Mr Pickering’s lies. To tell people his sites are under attack is nothing more than an advertising strategy.

But let’s have a look at Mr Pickering’s scamming history first.

Mr Pickering’s $15 million betting scam was done through a company called Cohen Strachan Investments. As you will see in the video below Mr Pickering refused to answer questions when A Current Affair tried to interview him in October 2011. He just stayed in his house and would not come out to be interviewed. Pickering had other people appointed as the directors but he was the man who owned it. Larry Pickering worked at the company himself and used the name Paul Perry when he was trying to sell to investors.

In the video Mr Pickering refuses to answer questions in relation to allegations that he was involved in a major fraud involving millions of dollars. Yet he does a big song and dance about Julia Gillard refusing to answer questions. In the video ACA cut back to a previous story done years ago where Larry Pickering admits being involved in a previous scam selling software that predicts winners in horse races. So why did he get involved in another scam. He has been doing the scams for years. Google Larry Pickering scam or Larry Pickering fraud and you will see.

Mr Pickering told News Ltd in relation to his involvement it’s “not true” “I don’t know where all this comes from” “It is rubbish. ” But Pickering did admit that he helped set up Cohen Strachan Investments (CSI) 5 years ago. (Click here to read the article) Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Julia Gillard set up the organisation that her then partner Bruce Wilson used to funnel money through but Gillard says she did not know what the account was used for. The only small canada goose jacket outlet online left for Pickering to do is claim he was “young and naive” like Julia Gillard has when he set up CSI. He would have been 64 years old at the time so it would be a bit rich to claim he was young and naive but knowing Pickering that will not stop him.

About two months ago it was reported that Pickering was banned for three days for putting a pornographic picture of Julia Gillard on Facebook. This is probably true and was reported by News Ltd. although they did not give all the graphic details like the strap-on Gillard was wearing in his cartoon (Click here to read) A few days later Pickering did a post on one of his websites about Julia Gillard closing down the reporting of her past. It looked like a summarised version of a post I did last year titled “Has Julia Gillard blackmailed the Media to cover-up her corrupt past? The Fairfax Media and News Corp scandal. ” (Click here to read my post)

Pickering modified the post a number of times as he gained more information but it came to my attention early on as Pickering started saying he was threatened with banning from Facebook for putting the article on Facebook and the emails started going about the so-called threat and one landed in my inbox. I knew straight away it was suspicious. I looked at the post and it was full of lies. For example he wrote:

No blogs were ever spiked. This site has always been up and this is the site that got the ball rolling last year. Other sites that have since reported on it have never been spiked. Andrew Bolt did pull down a couple of posts but that is it. And John Hartigan never resigned in disgust. It was his decision to stop News Ltd reporting on Julia Gillard’s past so why would he resign in disgust? From his own decision? Hartigan did resign but not until a few months later in November last year when Rupert Murdoch was in town. It was well-known and reported he was sacked and one of the reasons was because he buckled to Julia Gillard and closed down the reporting of her past. (Click here to read Pickering’s post)

Pickering goes on to say “An exposure of this was the threat that Gillard used against the then News Ltd CEO, John Hartigan, to kill the Wilson story. ”

“A reliable source said Gillard was ‘incandescent’ with rage when she stormed into News Ltd Offices, after initially resorting to sobbing. ”

Does anyone in this country really believe that Gillard would cry over something like this. She is tough as nails. And there was no storming of the News Ltd offices by her. The closing down of the reporting was done over the phone between her and John Hartigan and the editor of The Australian Chris Mitchell which I reported on. Pickering makes everything up and lies all over the place.

In one post titled “THE STORY GILLARD TRIED TO KILL” Pickering writes:

What sort of sick person even writes that let alone draws a picture trying to make a joke of it. I heard the rumour six months ago and did not touch it. Who knows if it is true and even if it is true it is none of our business. If Julia Gillard had raised it then it is open for comment, but she has not nor would I expect her to. But even if she did raise it you do not make a joke of it in a cartoon like Pickering has.

What if Pickering did that to your mother or sister. What Pickering has done is taken the story of the AWU fraud into the gutter which will disgust most people.

On other posts Pickering says small canada goose jacket outlet online like “It was a warm Sunday morning in Fitzroy in late 1992.

It sounds like some Mills and Boon novel. Pickering is making a joke of the whole thing. He also says in another post “Gillard openly experimented sexually with other women but her main calling was to men. ” What has that got to do with the AWU fraud? Nothing. And where is the evidence?

With Pickering it is sex, sex and sex. It makes a mockery of the whole investigation that serious people are currently conducting and helps turn people off from the story.

The below picture helps understand Larry Pickering’s depravity and why he gets off on smut talk.

You might find the above photo disgusting but that is the point. No matter how disgusting you find it, what Mr Pickering has written and the drawing he did of Julia Gillard pregnant is a lot more disgusting. Where Mr Pickering was when the photo was taken I do not know. Maybe Mr Pickering would like to explain. It is a screen grab from the ACA story which is above.

Pickering plagiarised an interview that Mike Smith did with Alan Jones. Pickering did a post about 12 hours after the interview and said “Revelations exposed in The Pickering Post last week have been verified by sacked radio host, Michael Smith, to 2GB’s Alan Jones this morning. ” and he then went on to rip off the whole interview as his own. The man will do anything.

In the interview that Pickering did with Derryn Hinch s few days ago he says he is dealing with Peter Faris QC. I phoned Peter Faris to ask if this was true. He said he was not working or dealing with Pickering and it was not true what Pickering said. Peter Faris said he is working with Harry Nowicki who is writing a book about the AWB fraud. (Click here to listen to the interview)

1. Who did you help to set up Cohen Strachan Investments?

2. Why did you set up CSI given that you had already set up scam years ago which you admitted on ACA?

3. An accountant, a former employee, a private investigator and numerous investors say you pretended to be Paul Perry and worked and owned CSI. Why do you deny this?

4. It says in the News Ltd report “He was made an undischarged bankrupt in August last year by his former de facto’s father George Luckardt” Why did he make you a bankrupt?

5. Why would you not answer questions or be interviewed by ACA?

6. How can you afford your lifestyle of an expensive house and car given you are a bankrupt?

7. Who threatened you to stop reporting on the Julia Gillard AWU fraud?

Of course I will have more follow-up questions once Mr Pickering answers the above. Maybe Derryn Hinch would like to put the above questions to Pickering.

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay is head of the Queensland Police Fraud Squad and a quick search of Google says he is a real media tart. He loves getting his head on TV and in the papers. He just doesn’t seem very good at doing his job. In the ACA show it says the police had done nothing even though they had a 250 report from the private investigator and many complaints for about six months. It is now well over a year and my understanding is they still have not done anything. So much so that Pickering who has been running the scams for years is still getting around and attracting attention to himself.

A quick google search corrupt QLD police came up with this “Queensland police tied to major drug trafficking” which starts off “THE biggest corruption scandal since the Fitzgerald inquiry, with claims of police in major drug trafficking, is set to rock the force. ” “The allegations centre on the Gold Coast and are believed to concern some part of the Queensland Police Service”. Pickering lives on the Gold Coast so it might help explain why he has been able to get away with running scams for years if the local coppers are corrupt. (Click her to read)

Julia Gillard’s involvement in the AWU fraud is gathering pace in the media and elsewhere. Mike Smith is investigating and has done two interviews on the Alan Jones show recently, Robert McClelland mentioned her involvement in parliament recently, Hedley Thomas from The Australian has started reporting on the matter (Click here to read), The West Australian has done a story on it yesterday (Click here to read), Ralph Blewitt who was involved with the fraud is prepared to give statements to the police if he is given immunity, a Melbourne lawyer, Harry Nowicki, is writing a book on the matter and then add all the bloggers who have been writing about the matter.

Larry Pickering has added nothing to the investigation. More people are turned of by his sleaze and lies then who support him. Pickering’s habit of name dropping of who he is working with and spoken to drags them in with him and discredits them with his lies and sleaze.

What Pickering is up to who knows. The most likely he is building up a following of gullible people who would believe his dribble, the latest being site was under attack and has been taken down. Why have no other websites been taken down or attacked? Maybe the police somewhere are hot on his trail and he is getting all political so if he is charged he will claim is politically motivated. Maybe he is working for Labor. As I have said it gives Julia Gillard and easy out and one person in the media has already used the Pickering defence. But I suppose all will be revealed eventually.

But just remember if you support Pickering you are helping Julia Gillard because we have a person who refuses to answer questions in relation to a $15 million fraud claiming to be investigating Julia Gillard who was involved in a $1 million fraud. I have promoted many websites and bloggers on this site via links in my posts and would have been happy to promote Pickering. But he is nothing more than a common criminal.

I have set up a dedicated page for the Julia Gillard – Bruce Wilson AWU Fraud which is above on the menu bar which I will update when further information comes to hand. Please use that to put links to other reports. (Click here to go to the page)

Update: There is a story on the SMH site today which points to Pickering and discredits him thereby helping Julia Gillard. (Click here to read) It looks like it has well and truly started. Gillard has also issued a statement on denial again today. (Click here to read)

Update: Julia Gillard on Sky News refusing to answer questions on the AWU fraud matter. Worth watching to see her duck and weave on the questions. (Click here to watch)

Update: Michael Pascoe in the SMH has done a story today titled “Larry Pickering – the conman stalking Gillard” He references this website. (Click here to read)

Update 16/6/2013: The Age have run a story titled “Pickering faces new evidence over failed scheme” (Click here to read)

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Novelist Archives: Lesley Kenny

That is a sometimes disturbing see to a family situation the actual political and private goals of those adults trump private desires and one happiness of families, particularly the kids. This might not have been the necessary author’s function but it’s this that we withdraw from canada goose labrador ladies outlet as being readers.
It begins once the young Juliet Friesen’s group lands during Nicaragua in early 1980s over the reign to your Sandinistas, whom the problems Friesens support the actual Contras. Around three children, the toddler (Emmanuel) the pre-pubescent male (Keith) to some near kid (Juliet) come with their family, Bram and many Gloria Friesen, social activists involved with a group called the Roots of expertise Justice.

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iMovie during iPad – Storyboard help sheets for trailers
Saturday, 30 June 2012 16: 13

Written by Tim

I did a quick search, delving a few pages deep in the results, but couldn’t find what I wanted. I thought that canada goose victoria parka black m outlet online would be useful if a trailer could be planned in advance, rather than shoot footage and hope that there was enough of the various types of scenes to fit the trailer templates. I know that we should design a trailer around our content, but canada goose victoria parka black m outlet online is also nice to be able to create one quickly from the templates. All 14 of the trailers are now available. Thanks to your comments and retweets the remaining six have now been created. The file sizes are larger, as I must have used a different method for putting the files together (they were created in Pages on iPad).

These sheets will also be useful if there is limited access to iPads. The students can discuss their ideas and gather their footage before going on to use iMovie.

If you do make these available to students, I’d love to know that canada goose victoria parka black m outlet online is useful. I’ve included a link below to people that have been using them. If you have some ‘in-action’ photos of their use, I’d be more than happy to add them here along with a link.

June 2012


January 2013


Coming of Age

August 2013

Fairy Tale

October 2013


I am now using a file manager to track and manage downloads. Having gone back through the statistics, the number of downloads listed are now accurate. (24th February, 2013)

15th January 2014 – Thanks Craig Duplessie for getting in touch. There are now three adapted storyboards that Craig has adapted, which you all may find useful too.

If you would like to download all 17 files in one go, just share on a social network using one of the buttons below. A download link for a zip file will then be revealed. If you don’t want to do this, you can download the files individually without pressing a social sharing button.